Food Styling

Food Styling is an art. It requires an understanding of cooking and styling techniques as well as careful brand stewardship and production processes. Great food styling is invisible; it achieves its goal in subtlety, and great food stylists are masters of logistics and preparation. Every aspect of a particular shoot must be blocked out in advance for a seamless production, considerations made days in advance for the unforeseen.

An eye toward flavor…

The team at FUGO Studios employs top caliber food stylists to achieve your desired food goals. Our state-of-the-art studio kitchen gives chefs and stylists all the tools they need to bring food styling to your next project.





Good Honest Recipes

Sanderson Farms

The Sanderson Farms shoot was an exercise in logistical excellence. Over the course of three days, the FUGO team filmed 15, step-by-step- recipes. Food Stylists had to prepare and style each phase of the recipes, resulting in a ballet of kitchen logistics, preparation and styling. Tabletop techniques here showcased the Sanderson Farms recipes at their very best.

Logistics Is Perfection.



Bold Flavors


The Schlotzsky’s shoot saw FUGO Studios filming beautifully prepared sandwiches and ingredients. Here, attention was focused on the finished sandwich, focusing exacting attention on every detail. The look is highly controlled, with not a single element of the sandwiches out of place, but the final result just reads delicious.

Attention To Detail.



Crave-able Combinations

Tropical Smoothie Cafe

Tropical Smoothie Café called on FUGO Studios to shoot their products in a fun series of fast-paced spots. This was an exercise in food styling in motion. As berries flipped and blenders whirled, the image, as always, was tightly controlled. The way foods landed, or rolled and moved were carefully scrutinized, resulting in a playful, yet scrumptious final product.

Food in Motion.



Marching Band

General Mills

General Mills is a brand colossus, and the FUGO Studios team employed the very best to ensure that the image they wanted made it on screen. Here, the food needed to be attainable, homemade, General Mills recipes. Our food stylists were tasked with the job of making the dishes look styled, yet not.; casual but presentable, a challenge for any stylist. The final product perfectly showcases a General mills line of recipes on brand and as desired.

Accessible Yet Professional.



Coke Bracket Refresh


Perhaps one of the most important roles a Food Stylist plays is that of brand steward. The job of taking a highly recognized brand and filming it so that it maintains the level of quality and look is monumental, and there are few brands as iconic as Coca-Cola. The FUGO team stylists had to carefully monitor color consistency, label orientation and bottle presentation. It was an exercise in attention to detail, one that we are proud to have achieved.

Because Brand Matters.



The Art of Cuisine

Chef Ari Warsaw

In the world of high cuisine, food styling transforms. Here, the Chef’s creations are delicately manicured to present on the plate in an exacting manner. It is the job of the food stylist to miss nothing, and the role of the production to capture the creations so that they are true to life.

Cuisine Through Control.