FUGO Studios has years of video production expertise, and because of this, we believe that we are capable of working within most budgets. We know how to avoid costly decisions that might cripple a production, while understanding that making the right choices can stretch a budget.


The FUGO Studios team understands that casting is a critical component of pre-production. We also understand how important it is to have a trusted network to find your on-screen talent. The FUGO team has worked with talent around the world on every type of production. Because of our access, we are able to provide top tier talent across a range of budgets. We believe in transparency and cooperation in casting, so whether you seek SAG or non-union talent, we can provide in-person or taped auditions to ensure that the correct talent is cast every time.





Tailgate Nation

General Mills

Finding talent isn’t limited to performers, it also means background and extras. On the General Mills project, FUGO Studios was asked to cast a full marching band. Production took place during summer when school was out, and the marching bands we were looking to secure were unavailable. The solution: FUGO Studios underwent the process of building a band, casting individual musicians with the necessary instruments. The final result was a full marching band on budget.

Background And Extras.




Boehringer Ingelheim

Casting isn’t limited to homo sapiens either, and FUGO Studios has a long history of casting animal talent of all kinds. From dogs that can jump on cue, to cats with attitude problems, to bunnies by the busload, FUGO Studios has the connections with animal trainers and animal wranglers to safely and humanely cast the animal talent you need.

Work Across Species.





Casting can have industry specifications and can vary dramatically by production. Whether you need to cast SAG or not, FUGO Studios the reach to secure the talent you need.

SAG Casting Experience.





With NASCAR, we were tasked with casting over 50 people with real stories and knowledge of on-screen topics. This meant finding 50 kids with an actual understanding of NASCAR. Extras casting was used to secure the talent, pouring through submissions to find the right ones.

The Right People.



Anatomy of the Throat

FUGO Studios

While casting Anatomy of the Throat, the FUGO team had the opportunity to work with a variety of characters and roles. We carefully poured over auditions to find our talent, taking careful stock of the nuances and quirks that brought the characters to life. In the end, the diligent work paid off as a wild bunch of characters brought Anatomy of the Throat to life.

Find Great Talent.