Concept Development

The ability to develop a unique idea and see it through to a final product is often underappreciated. The collective expertise in understanding each phase of production, their many nuances and challenges, and how they unify to create a compelling final product is what separates professional teams from novices.


Concept development is integral to the work FUGO does. Whether it’s developing a series of treatment options based on your needs, or generating branding assets from the ground up; the FUGO Studios team has the tools and talent you need to get it done. From bright minds in development to talented craftsmen during visualization, we are confident that our skills align with any need.





Breakroom Ostrich

Doritos Crash the Super Bowl

Developing Comedy takes a team that works comfortably exchanging ideas while understanding the medium, its limitations, and its strengths. While developing for the Doritos “Crash the Super bowl” challenge, it became essential to work together and develop concepts that rose above the competition. They had to be unique concepts that could be told quickly, concepts that put brand forward but were free to take themselves very lightly.

Exchanging Creative Ideas.



Midnight Oil

Delta Air Lines

Drama is about tone. We all recognize a piece that feels overwrought or melodramatic. On Midnight Oil, we knew that certain parameters had to be met; we had to put brand above all else, and that the tireless dedication of Delta’s employees must be the crux of the concept. Several concepts were built before finally settling on Midnight Oil; a dusky exploration of Delta that perfectly captured their hard work, day or night.

All About Tone.



Anatomy of the Throat

FUGO Studios

When in the development stage, inspiration becomes the essential component. You never know where it’ll come from, but seizing and extending it becomes key. In the case of Anatomy of the Throat, the FUGO producers took a joke and spun it into a short film. The process required boring down into the components of the joke to pull off the essential elements then expand and shape them into characters, situations and plot.

The Essential Component.