Video Editing

Editing is everything. The most amazing footage in the world means nothing if you can’t put it together in a way that makes sense to your audience. Editing allows for the introduction of story, style, and branding. Editing is one of the key dividers between a professional production company and someone pretending to be.


Editing is a highly creative art form. The choices made in an edit at a frame-by-frame level affect the viewer’s understanding and emotional engagement of a given video, and editing can often be a major factor in the success or failure of a video. Editing is not a robotic process; many of the choices made in the editing room have to do with feeling and timing, objective choices that can only be made correctly after years of experience. Editing also means making hard choices, deciding to lose shots you might be emotionally tied to for the overall improvement of the video. The process must be carefully understood, and a proper editor has an overall comprehension of the project from the pre-production stage onward. FUGO Studios is proud of our editors. We have years worth of concrete, real-world editing experience with major national and international brands. Our editors have worked on feature films as well as national commercials, and have a range of experience that is rare to find under a single roof. Below you’ll find several examples of our editing work along with insights into the particular editorial vision or challenge for each. We invite you to have a look and see the difference experienced editing makes.




ACS National Ad Campaign

American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society ads were an exercise in storytelling with restrictions. This national campaign demonstrates our ability to craft a story from interview material within the time constraints of a televised commercial. These pieces demonstrate sensitivity to the subject matter, and the editors at FUGO Studios brought the right balance of emotion and messaging.

Crafting. Compelling. Correct.



Breakroom Ostrich

Doritos Crash the Super Bowl

The Doritos Ostrich video represents another facet of editing: timing. This piece works towards a single comedic moment, making the timing of the punch line vital. Here, the edit came down to frames; after hours of trials and testing, the right balance was found. Editing often relies on scrutiny and patience.

Timing. Timing. Timing.



Mark Lighting Overview Brand Video

Acuity Lighting

Creating a tone is a nuanced process. For FUGO Studios, the Mark Lighting video is a study in tonality and story crafting. Here, FUGO Editors carefully crafted a documentary-style piece for a corporate video. This is corporate filmmaking and editing done right.

Corporate. Sensitive. On-Brand.



Lion Cub

Community First Credit Union

The Community First Credit Union video is a prime example of working within commercial timing constraints, delivering core brand messaging and proper media deliver formatting. The piece is a great example of the collaboration and cooperation necessary between editors and a visual effects department.

Collaboration. Communication. Creation.



On-Board Safety Video

Delta Air Lines

The Delta Safety video is truly an exercise in corporate editing at the highest level. The video is produced under strict time constraints and multiple layers of approval. Because the safety video plays on multiple types of aircraft, 21 unique video versions were created, each one meticulously checked to the highest levels of scrutiny. Delta isn’t just editing for storytelling, it also represents the attention to detail that only a professional editor can demonstrate.

Detail. Patience. Professionalism.