FUGO Studios set out to put a fresh spin on a beloved fairytale for Jeanette Illidge’s new single “Unconditional”. The sweeping Disney melodies composed by Alan Menken inspired the song, as well as the soulful pop of early Mariah Carey. FUGO Studios was left with the task of creating the visuals that would live up to Jeanette’s incredible songwriting and vocal abilities.

Along with excellent performances by Jeanette and the rest of the cast, the amazing locations for the video became characters in the video as well. The first day of production was located at the Edward C. Peters house, also known as Ivy Hall, in Atlanta. This Queen Anne style home offered the perfect architecture for this style of video. 

Day two was spent at the magical Barnsley gardens in Adairsville, Georgia. This historic plantation came complete with a topiary labyrinth and a great ruined home that worked in perfect contrast with Jeanette’s flowing gown. All aspects of the project came together for a wonderful final product. Have a look and find out if this Cinderella gets her happily ever after.