Michael Phelps & Huggies

So diapers don’t immediately spring to mind when you think 28-time Olympic-medal-winning superhuman juggernaut Michael Phelps. But ask the twice-over recent father his thoughts on swim diapers and he’ll have some clear opinions. Atlanta based video production company FUGO Studios got a chance to do just that in a whirlwind, weeklong Arizona production. So westward the wagons – FUGO is going to Rancho Phelps.

Our mission was to produce content for the Huggies “Little Swimmers” diaper campaign featuring the Phelps family. The idea being that “Coach” Boomer Phelps (4yrs old) is prepping his younger brother, Beckett (6 months old) for the pool. The pieces are designed to be light and informative, giving parents valuable insight into water play and pool safety.

Over the course of the production, the FUGO team filmed content for several social and television pieces along with photography and merchandising assets. The production ranged in and out of the pool, around the yard, filming in cars, and inside an active Walmart – all with 15 2 year olds and a newborn in tow. In the end, it was an absolute pleasure to film with the Phelps family. We got to share some beautiful moments with them, and we are certainly proud of the final product.