Live A Little

When legendary pizza purveyors, Mellow Mushroom reached out to Atlanta based production company FUGO Studios about producing a positively pizza-licious project of far-out proportions, we were totally stoked. Here was a chance to show off some rad productions skills for one of the grooviest brands around.

The material, much like a Mello crust, was fresh and deliciously funny. The production would be based entirely in studio and feature a myriad of funky props and sets, including (but not limited to) a grumpy cat, a beer fountain, mod furnishings, a pizza drone, and of course a live unicorn. Mellow Mushroom brought out their mobile bake bus and as the ovens heated up, so did the action inside. The shoot was a test of FUGO’s studio and art direction chops, and in the end, we’re really proud to have a slice of such a unique project.