Acclaimed Syrian composer and pianist Malek Jandali has commissioned our Atlanta video production company FUGO Studios to produce his latest music video for “Freedom (Qashoush Symphony)”. The track is the first single off of his brand new album Emessa (Homs) released in February of 2012. The song and music video has already received attention from international news organizations CNN & NPR, among others.


The album consists of original piano & orchestra music combining Oriental melodies, Arabic modes, and Syrian rhythms with a western symphony orchestra.


The Virgin Records recording artist has often been in the news currently, given the unrest and bloodshed in his native land of Syria. As the violence continues, Jandali and his music have become a voice of protest in a land crippled by corruption and censorship.



The music video for “Freedom” tells the story of a composer (Jandali) being hunted by faceless soldiers for spreading his knowledge of music to children in a world where music is banned and illegal. The story loosely mirrors a real life situation in which Malek Jandali’s own parents were dragged from their home in Syria and severely beaten by pro-government assailants. The violent act was meant to send a message to Malek and all who speak out against the Syrian government. However, like the video, it only helped in galvanizing a revolution – a revolution that can be passed on through music.



The production was shot in Cave Spring, Georgia, at the historic William S. Simmons Plantation. Built in the late 1840’s, the plantation home served as a great location for the video because of the aged interiors. The original hand-painted interior walls conveyed the video’s look and feel. The location also rests on a large plot of land, allowing for many diverse scenes and giving the crew plenty of creativity and room to film.



Perhaps the most complex music video for FUGO Studios to date, the company’s visual effects department handled a plethora of spectacular special effects shots in which Malek Jandali plays a burning piano. These shots were no small feat; involving building an entire 3D model of the antique square piano, complex tracking, and plenty of rendering time. The composited shots add a level of climax, making the music video feel more like a short film.


Everyone is very pleased with how this video turned out and FUGO Studios is proud to give Malek Jandali a quality piece to accompany such an important cause.