Dog Dreams

After a Top 5 finish in the 2014 Doritos Crash the Superbowl competition with “Breakroom Ostrich”, FUGO Studios entered once again with “Dog Dreams”. In this year’s entry, we get a hilarious look inside the mind of a dog and a man as they share a dream of chasing after a Doritos truck.
This production was our first opportunity to shoot with the Phantom Miro, which can shoot 1,500 frames per second in HD, allowing for high quality, extreme slow motion. (To understand just how slow this is; a one second clip in 1,500 frames per second can be slowed down to last over a minute, while staying smooth the entire time).

We also were able to work with a talented dog trainer who provided us with the perfect dog. We shot the slow motion on green screen so we were able to place the super slow motion into a shot that was otherwise at normal speed.

We had a great time making this video, and once again we were very successful in the competition, placing in the top 20 out of nearly 5,000 entries!

Check out the video and some behind the scenes photos of the shoot!