Recording artist Kyron Leslie has worked with FUGO Studios to produce a music video for “Disease”, the latest single from his EP The Weight of the World. This heartfelt duet featuring Kari Epps tells the story of two people trapped in a dysfunctional relationship. The video plays on the “duality” of the songs lyrical content, showing each artist making the same mistakes as the other.

The track also features an appearance by Atlanta rapper, producer and spoken word artist Big Rube. Known for his poetic interludes, Rube has been in the game a while recording with such artists as Outkast, Goodie Mob, and Cee-Lo Green.

The video’s dream sequences contain a stunning light show by Dancin Lights; it provides the type of dreamy club atmosphere needed for the scenes. The video also has a couple of effect shots created by the company’s visual effects department, but primarily focuses on beautiful cinematography and a simple concept.