American Cancer Society

In May of 2016, FUGO Studios had the privilege of working with American Cancer Society. Our task was to tell the story of ACS through a series of vignettes with cancer survivors, doctors and researchers, and ACS representatives. It was certainly an emotional journey for us, but also an inspirational peek into the amazing work ACS does daily for so many cancer survivors.

FUGO Studios is a collective of passionate production professionals; the most important thing for all of us is story. To be entrusted with the great honor of telling story of ACS is truly special for us.

From a production standpoint, the real lessons we learned in the ACS series all boiled down to giving these stories the treatment they deserve. To inform an audience about the work ACS does to support cancer survivors was an exercise in stewardship, in reflection, and in honoring the sensitivities of these amazing stories.

Take a look at the video and some behind the scenes images from the shoot.