With the release of Yani Simone’s new single “FU”, FUGO Studios set out to create a jaw-dropping video that would visually compliment the song’s revengeful lyrics. FU tells the story of a woman who serves up a dish of revenge to her cheating man and helpless mistress, and although revenge is a dish best served cold, this video gets hot quick. 

The FUGO Studios team relied heavily on a 70’s style visual palette for the video, paying homage to movies like Grindhouse and Superfly with hard lighting and grain for a film-like feel. FUGO Studios also took the opportunity to do a rear-projection effect in the video, which turned out great. During pre-production, the decision was made to use visual effects for the burning car at the end of the video. Achieving this effect digitally meant more control in post-production and allowed us to get more angles with a single camera shoot.